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We accept payments made through PayPal. Payment through any other method will not be valid. Your card details will be secured using SSL, which is industry standard for protection of information. When you make a purchase, a secured connection is used to transfer the details to payment provider.


Customers may cancel their orders within 2 days of placing order. After the order is dispatched, you can only receive and return it.


Crook Shop is entitled to change the prices of its product at any point. However, if there is any error, we will correct it on discovery. It is possible that sometimes, the price of the products is entered incorrectly. While processing of order, we will check the price. In case of error, if the price of the product is less than mentioned price, we will refund the extra amount charged at the time of dispatch. However, if the actual price of the product is higher, our customer service will contact you for your decision, before the dispatch. In case of disagreement, our company may cancel your order and we will not be deemed responsible to dispatch the product for a lower price.


Crook Shop accepts payments in USD via Paypal. For international orders, when the card currency is not in USD, you can place the order and our system will convert the equivalent amount of currency to USD.


Users who may register to the website and place an order must be above age of 18. Users must protect the confidentiality of their accounts.


Disputes that are relevant to our business/website will be governed and analyzed in accordance with the law of US. Country of our domicile is US.

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